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Garden Planning 2014

Raised Garden Bed 2013

Raised Garden Bed 2013

Last year we built a raised garden bed that was about 9′ x 9′ square with an isle for access to all around. We planted some of it while waiting for the last frost date. Once we were ready to plant, the grass had started growing very well and then the ticks came. After removing a couple just getting close we decided that we’d have to leave it for the little nhblood suckers. There is great hope that our long, cold, snowy winter has decimated those little pests, but we’ll have to wait and see.

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Starting Up For Spring

Raised Garden Bed

Raised Garden Bed

It seems like it’s finally time to begin setting up the growing areas. Lots of work now to make it easier to maintain through out the summer and fall and maybe into the winter if things all work out as planned. As we all should know by now, plans including mother nature can have unexpected results.

For now we’ve begun building the first raised bed using the scrap lumber, tweeking the details to make more long term areas after more of the kinks are worked out. This box will be a deep raised bed good for potatoes, carrots and other deep rooted plants. Their will be fencing around the entire box to keep out the area freeloaders (deer, raccoon, etc.) and the back will be higher to grow climbers like beans, peas and cucumber.

See you soon!
Lance & Jeanne

Welcome to Argyle Produce

Setting up to grow local fresh produce in the Argyle, Wisconsin area.