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basil, ocimum basilicum

Basil is a leafy herb used in pesto and other italian dishes. It is a good companion plant to tomatoes and is an annual plant that does not tolerate cold weather or frost. More information can be found at or

Peppers and Chilis

Baby Bell Peppers

Baby Bell Peppers over wintered indoors.

Contrary to popular belief, peppers and tomatoes are actually perennials that we often treat as annuals where frost happens. The Baby Bell Peppers pictured here are from our garden last year. Right now in February  there are many flowers and even 1 small pepper growing.

Once these plants are hardened outside, we could be getting peppers a month or more earlier than if we started and planted them the standard way. Space is a challenge to over winter these plants, which is why the smaller Baby Bell plants were chosen over the larger pepper varieties.

Since tomatoes are also perennials, bringing a few over winter is an option also, however, they’re usually larger, so pruning would be recommended. Also, generally speaking, tomato plants like cooler temperatures (about 50° or so) than you’d normally have indoors. The nice thing about tomato plants though is how easily they can be started from cuttings. So trim those plants and start some more quick for the upcoming growing season.

In the end, it’s not necessary to be able to save all your pepper and tomato plants, just a couple to get a head start on your next seasons garden.

Until next time, grow on!

Garden Planning 2014

Raised Garden Bed 2013

Raised Garden Bed 2013

Last year we built a raised garden bed that was about 9′ x 9′ square with an isle for access to all around. We planted some of it while waiting for the last frost date. Once we were ready to plant, the grass had started growing very well and then the ticks came. After removing a couple just getting close we decided that we’d have to leave it for the little nhblood suckers. There is great hope that our long, cold, snowy winter has decimated those little pests, but we’ll have to wait and see.

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